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1Dr. Ram Chandra, OSD 16.09.0523.10.05
2Dr. P. Kumar, Officiating Director 24.10.05 05.12.06
3Dr. V.T. Jadhav, Ex-Director 06.12.0631.10.12
5Dr. R.K.Pal, Director 01.11.12Continuing

Director’s Curriculam-Vitae

Prof. Ram Krishna Pal,

ICAR-National Research Centre on Pomegranate, Solapur-Pune Highway, Kegaon (Po) Solapur, Maharashtra- 413 255


Tel:      0217-2350074, 2354330

Dr. R. K. Pal, Project Leader

Prof R. K. Pal is currently working as the Director of the National Research Center on Pomegranate at Solapur, Maharashtra. After his formal schooling and graduation from West Bengal, he joined IARI, New Delhi in 1980 as a PG student. He received M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees in Horticulture from IARI, and eventually got selected for Agricultural Research Service of ICAR. He served IARI in different capacities for over 25 yrs; first as Scientist, later as Professor and Head of the Division of PHT. He had undergone advance training at the Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas, and Fayetteville, USA. He earned FAO fellowship to attend International Course on Food Processing and received the certificate of achievement with honor from IAC-Wageningen, Netherlands.

He published more than 100 research/ technical publications in national and international journals. Apart from his many book chapters very recently he has published an edited book with three volumes entitled “Managing Postharvest Quality and losses of Horticultural Crops” along with Prof. (Padmshree) K.L. Chadha for the benefit of various stakeholders. Several research scholars guided by him at IARI, New Delhi are occupying prestigious positions in private as well as in public sectors in India, USA, Iran, Vietnam, South Africa and many other countries.

Prof. Pal made remarkable contribution in PG teaching, research and extension in the area of Post-Harvest Management of Horticultural Produce during the past three decades. Most Significant achievement of Dr.R.K.Pal is the transfer of technologies of Controlled Atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables to commercial PSU having 12000 MT CA store that benefitted the  consumers with availability of quality apples round the year.  Identifying the hypoglycemic potential of pomegranate, processing of indigenous fruits viz. bael, jamun, aonla etc. for commercial production of ‘pusa fruit drinks’ through technology transfer agreement, minimal processing of vegetables, minimizing post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables by use of edible coating,γ-irradiation, 1-MCP, fruit bagging, evaporative cooling and development of transgenic tomatoes with desirable quality are some of his special attainments. The research team led by him successfully developed and transferred the technology for mass production of tissue cultured planting materials of pomegranate with bio-hardening for supply of disease free planting materials to large number of pomegranate growers of India.

As a National Consultant of FAO of the UN he evolved appropriate post harvest management practices and pack house operations of litchi fruits for domestic as well as export marketing. As the technical expert for “harmonization of food standards” among SAARC countries he contributed significantly in drafting food standards. He was deputed by the GOI as a core team member for establishment of Advanced Centre for Agricultural Research and Education at YeZin in Myanmar. Based on his momentous contribution in the field of post harvest management of horticultural crops he has been conferred with the honor of Fellow of Horticulture Society of India in the year 2010 and Dr.J.C.Anand gold Medal in 2013



Patents filed and Important Research Publications

1.    Gaikwad Nilesh N. and Pal Ram Krishna “A Process of Extraction of Virgin Pomegranate Seed Oil” Patent Filed (provisional) Application No. 201611011366 TEMP/E-1/10196/2016-DEL.

2.    Pusa process for experimental Controlled Atmosphere (CA) generation system. Vide patent application No.687/DEL/2006 Dated 14/3/2006 filed in the office of the controller of patents Delhi

3.    Pusa process for production and storage of frozen ginger slices. Vide patent application No.1744/DEL/2006 Dated 31/7/2006 filed in the office of the controller of patents Delhi

4.    “Heat Shrinkable Anthocyanin Rich Composition and Process of its Preparation” – CharanjitKaur, Suresh Walia and Ram Krishna Pal vide patent application No.       /DEL/2012 Dated September/October 2012.

S. No.

List of Publications


Singh N V,  Abburi V L, Ramajayam D,  Kumar Ravinder,  Chandra Ram, Sharma K K,  Sharma Jyotsana , Babu K. D,  Pal R K,  MundewadikarDhananjay M, SaminathanThangasamy,  Cantrell Robert,  Nimmakayala Padma and Reddy Umesh K.(2015) Genetic diversity and association mapping of bacterial blight and other horticulturally important traits with microsatellite markers in pomegranate from India. Molecular Genetics and Genomics DOI 10.1007/s00438-015-1003-0. Received: 6 January 2015 / Accepted: 27 January 2015


Singh, N.V., Swaminathan T, Chandra Ram, Awacare, C., Bu, K.D., Mundewadikar, D.M. and Pal R.K. ( 2015) RNA isolation form high phenol containing tissues of pomegranate. Ind. J Hort. 72(2) 273-77.


Pandey Roopali, Gupta Aarti, ChowdharyAnuj, Pal Ram Krishna and RajamManchikatlaVenkat (2014) Over-expression of mouse ornithine decarboxylase gene under the control of fruitspecific promoter enhances fruit quality in tomato.Plant MolBiol, DOI 10.1007/s11103-014-0273-y


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