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Dr.Jyotsna Sharma


Name                                      : Dr. (Mrs.) Jyotsana Sharma                                

Designation                          : Principal Scientist

Contact Address                  : NRC on Pomegranate, Kegaon, Solapur-413255

  (Maharashtra) 0217-2354330

Email                                       :



Born on October 24, 1961, completed under graduation from Govt. Degree College, Solan (HP), M.Sc. (with honours) in Plant Pathology from HPKVV, Palampur, Solan campus in 1984, and PhD. in Plant Pathology from IARI, N. Delhi in 1989. Joined ICAR as Scientist in June 1989 with first posting at CPRS, Jalandhar (CPRI, Shimla), where I joined in May 1990 after training and continued to serve the institute till April 10, 2006 . Thereafter I joined National Research Centre on Pomegranate at Solapur (MS), on April 24, 2006 .


Most Significant Research Achievements:

·         Standardized soil solarization technique for improved potato production during winters in the Indo-gangetic plains of India

·         Established pathogenic nature of potato russet– a new disease

·         Established quick dip as an alternative for spray treatment of boric acid against black scurf of potato

·         Standardized and reduced requirement of elite clones (20-24 from 80) for  Breeder’s seed production

·         Established Xanthomonasaxonopodispvpunicaeas the cause of  recent epidemic of bacterial blight of pomegranate

·         Developed diagnostic methods to differentiate Bacterial blight and fungal spot of pomegranate.

·         Proved transmission of bacterial blight though planting material

·         Identified temperatures between 25-35oC with RH>50%, rainfall and wind as major factors responsible for rapid development of bacterial blight and development of forecasting model

·         Orchard Health Management Schedule to mitigate bacterial blight successfully validated in farmer’s orchard in a network mode



Research Interests:

·         Present: Studies on various aspects of pomegranate bacterial blight, wilt and other fungal diseases including identification of new molecules, bioagents and developing forecasting models for bacterial blight and wilt.

·         1990-2006: Soil and tuber borne diseases , soil solarisation technique for potato tuber health and production, production of disease free nucleus potato seed, control of postharvest storage rots of potato under non refrigerated conditions and screening of germplasm for potato apical leaf curl virus

Awards/ Recognition:

1.       NarinderNath Mohan Memorial Gold Medal for outstanding performance in MSc.

2.       Awrded Dr. S Ramanujam Memorial Certificate of Appreciation 2003-04, by CPRI, Shimla, for significant contributions in bringing potato revolution in India.

3.       Patent obtained for  ‘A Process for Preparing a biofertilizer cum biofungicidal composition with Aspergillusniger strain AN27’    Notified in ‘The Gazette of India’, November 29, 2003:page 4871


Selected Publications:

·         Sharma Jyotsana., Sharma KK, Sharma and Jadhav VT, Diseases of Pomegranate (2012): In: Current Status of Economically Important Diseases of Crops in India, Publishers: Indian Phytopathological Society, New Delhi.

·         Singh RK, Sharma Jyotsana, Jha SK and singh AK (2012). Solarization technique: its use in the multiplication of in vitro planting materials. Current Science. 102 (10). 1433-36. pp-----

·         Sharma KK, Sharma, Jyotsana and Jadhav VT (2010).Status of bacterial blight of pomegranate in India. In: Fruit, Vegetable, Cereal science and Biotechnology 4 (special issue 2), Global Science Books (publ.), Japan: 102-105

·         Sharma Jyotsana and Maity A (2010). Pomegranate phytochemicals: Nutraceutical and Therapeutic values. In: Fruit, Vegetable, Cereal science and Biotechnology 4 (special issue 2), Global Science Books (publ.), Japan: 56-76

·         Raj Kumar and Jyotsana Sharma. 2005. Effect of soil solarization on true potato (Solanumtuberosum L.)seed germination, seedling growth, weed population and tuber yield. Potato Research 48: 15-23.

·         Sharma, Jyotsana and R. K. Singh . 2003. Effect of Soil Solarization  onFertilisation , Yield and Health of Potato Tubers. J. Indian Potato Assoc. 30 (1-2): 105-106.

·         Trehan, S.P. Jyotsana Sharma and R.C. Sharma. 1997. Effect of sources of nitrogen, iron and cultivars on pseudo-common scab symptoms of potato tubers. J. Indian Potato Assoc. 24 (3-4): 132-141.

·         Khanna, R.N. and Jyotsana Sharma. 1996. Effect of boric acid treatment on seed and soil borne Rhizoctoniasolaniinocula and rhizospheremicroflora. J. Indian Potato Assoc. 23 (1-2): 1-7.

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